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 Do you want to enhance your art? At Frame it on Bloor, we offer a range of materials from decorative to museum grade. You can choose from our custom frames in Toronto to give your art a perfect look. Our extensive range of designs with acid-free material and protective glass will help you preserve the original look of your favourite art pieces.

If you have recently renovated or redecorated your home or office and need to reframe the existing artwork to match the new environment, we can help you! You can count on us to replace the old, worn out, and even damaged frames with customized picture frames to match your decor. If you have any questions, reach out to us or get a quote today!

Custom picture frame selections

Want to Know How It Works?

 Step 1: Bring your item

  •  We can frame all your valuable items, from fine-art prints, posters, and paintings to mementos and heirlooms. Once you bring your item to Frame it on Bloor, we recommend the design options, or you can explore our custom frames at our shop in Toronto.

 Step 2: Choose your frame

  • You can choose the frame among a range of mouldings of all styles and colours available in-store. With high-quality materials and finishes that can suit your specific needs, we will help you find the perfect frame customized for your project.

Step 3: Get your order

  • We have experienced and skilled framing specialists who will craft your custom frame and turn your design into a fantastic wall-worthy piece. You can pick your order from our shop or get it delivered to your door.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

What Is the Cost of Framing?

Various factors determine the price of your fine art frame. It includes the size of your art and the materials you choose. If you need our help in getting an idea for your project, you can request a quote, and we will get back to you.


How Much Time Does Framing Take?

Typically, it takes a couple of weeks to get your frame ready once you drop your piece at our shop. After you choose your frame design, we will prepare your frame in-house. We will also give you a due date while placing your order.


Do You Take Rush Orders?

Yes, rush orders are possible. You can let us know your time frame. Frame it on Bloor always strives to meet your needs on time.


Can You Replace a Broken Glass and Frame?

Yes, we can replace your broken glass. UV-protective glasses are also available to offer your framed pieces longevity and preservation. With time, UV rays can cause your paper to turn yellow and your image may fade. Our glasses can protect your art piece from harmful UV rays.

Broken frames can also be repaired if the wood and all pieces are intact.


Can You Put Something New in My Old Frame?

Yes, once you bring in your frame, we will tell you if it is usable. Often there are no issues in incorporating your frame into a new design. 

Want to Get Inspired?

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